Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introduction & My First Card

My collection of postcards is small, at least for now.  Currently I have around 30, but hope to have a much larger collection one day. Some of my postcards make me very curious about the place they originate, so I may include links to websites that I've discovered.  Other places may not pique that curiosity, or the card may just be very simple and doesn't need any explanation.  

I joined Postcrossing - http://www.postcrossing.com/ - in August of 2009. Postcrossing is a postcard crossing project (it is simple - you send a postcard, you receive a postcard). It's fun to send a postcard to someone else in the world.  It's even more fun to receive them in the mail!  I've received cards from other postcrossers all over - right here in the USA from Florida to Oregon, California to New Hampshire, and from all over the world.  I've received handmade cards, and beautiful view cards, and I've learned some about places I've never even heard of before!  I hope to continue to share postcards and meet new people for many, many years to come!

This is also a fun way for me to "travel".  I am not much of a real traveler, so in a way exchanging postcards is like having a little bit of the world come to me.  :)

My first postcard came from Ohio here in the USA, and arrived on September 9, 2009.

I was hoping for a card with scenery or history or something interesting, but you take what you get.  Now that I have received more postcards, I like this one more.  I think that if I had received it as something other than the first card, I would not have been disappointed, but might have thought it rather fun. Perhaps I should see if the movie is rentable and then maybe I'll like this card more!  I do like movies from this era!  

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  1. Love this card:) I've seen the movie and own it too! It's great;)