Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Auch Wolken Mussen Manchmal Pipi!"

This cute card arrived on June 17.  The sender sent "sunny greetings from Germany" and talked a lot about how everyone was getting excited about the World Championship in South Africa (the  World Cup).  Then she said she hoped I like this card, and that I can "figure out what those German words stand for" and drew a smiley face.  :D

Now, even though I am of German ancestry, I do not speak German.  I did manage to figure out what this says with the help of the translator on ~ "sometimes clouds also have to pee".  So I posted that to the comments box for the postcard on Postcrossing, and my sender told me "Yeah! -  Herzlichen Gluckwunsch! I'm proud of your translation skills, because it was a tricky sentence (that's kind of kid's language)."  I enjoyed this postcard, it makes me smile whenever I  look at it  :D

...and it has a very pretty stamp, which I've received on at least one other postcard.  The flower known as the bleeding heart.

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  1. This one is by far my favorite postcard you've received!