Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

This pretty photo card arrived on June 3. At 6,288 feet of elevation, Mt. Washington looks very pretty with it's nice blanket of snow, but to someone from Colorado, this doesn't seems like a 'real' mountain (we have 53 peaks over 14.000 ft in elevation, and over 700 13,000 ft. peaks).  Mt. Washington may not be a '14er', but it is definitely a real mountain -- it is well-known for it's very unpredictable and dangerous weather, and it has held the world record for wind speed (231 mph) since 1934.  It may only 1,008 feet higher than Denver, but you have to respect a mountain like that!

mountwashington.com ~ (down for maintenance as of 6/3/10, but there is a paragraph with a few facts posted on the page).

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