Friday, July 9, 2010

Castles from the "Green Heart" of Germany

Another favorite, arriving on June 26.  I am so happy to receive all these castles!   The sender says he is from "a small village in the middle (the green heart) of Germany." That sounds beautiful!  He says "you can see very old castles around my village."  I think that would be amazing to be able to see very old castles where I lived, but I'm sure I only think that because I can't see any castles where I live.  

The problem for me is the German descriptions on the back of the card!  Not speaking German makes it very difficult to find information on the castles themselves. Most do not have any website in English at all (#3 has one on Wikipedia), and the others had to translated, but I've done my best. 

1 - Burg Greifenstein bei Bad Blankenburg -
2 - Heidecksburg bei Rudolstadt -
3 - Wartburg bei Eisenbach -
4 - Friedensburg bei Leutenberg - ?

The stamp on the left shows Maiglockchen (Lily-of-the-valley) one of my very favorite flowers. They have such a heavenly scent, and are so pretty and delicate looking! It looks like I've learned a little German after all.

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  1. You know, Adam speaks German. He might be able to help you out.