Thursday, July 8, 2010

Towers of Riga, Latvia

I wish I could have an individual postcard for each of these buildings!  Partly because I love old buildings, partly because I would know exactly what each building is. These are all different "towers" of Riga, Latvia ~ both old and new.

- "Saules akmens" ("The Sun Stone") and the Vansu Bridge across the River Daugava - is this meant to be one or two descriptions?
- The President Palace
- Freedom Monument 
- John's Yard
- Three Brothers
- A View from  the Dome Square
- The Latvian Academy of Art
- Skarnu Street
- Hotel "Riga" {left bottom corner?}
- Riga City Council
- The National Opera {bottom center?}

These descriptions are listed on the back of the card, but it is not clear which one belongs to which photo on the front. The trouble is that there are eleven (or is it twelve?) descriptions and fourteen photos! I've counted them numerous times just to make sure. I don't think any of the photos are repeated, either. It is a little confusing! If it were to make any sense, then the descriptions start with the top left corner with the modern building and work to the right, then back to the left center, over to the right, etc.).  However, there are those two photos that are in the middle of the card and the large photo on the right that really confuse that left to right order!  If anyone comes along and reads this post, and just happens to know the buildings of Riga, please set me straight!  

I love this card with it's wonderful photos, however confusing it is!  It arrived on June 21. 

These are such pretty, cheerful stamps.  There are four of them, and they have mushrooms and leaves on them!

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